:movie_camera: ChatOps interview with devops.com

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Ops and Chat

In 2015, as we were spending time with Ops team, to understand how they were actually working (not how the process documented how they were working), we came to realize that chat was very central in their workflow. A couple of weeks later, Slawek Zachcial shares with me a video with Mark Imbriaco - from GitHub at the time - and it blew my mind.

From IRC to rich chat with bots

image-left Our team really started to use ChatOps in 2014 with IRC and Hubot. We implemented few scripts for our bot, like checking for our public cloud consumption, restart services, and even get the score live of the 2014 soccer world cup. :soccer: :trophy:

Since then, we have pushed ChatOps everywhere.

Here is a short video interview with Alan Shimel from devops.com where we discuss ChatOps.

Beyond text chat

I have also been looking at controlling hubot through voice. This works quite well, and definitely has a wow effect (albeit not that useful in an open space).